New BIG CircuitBlocks update is online!

Hello there to everyone on the forum! :wave:

We have some very good news for all you programmers - CircuitBlocks 1.1.0 is officially out! :partying_face:

Actually, it has been out for about two weeks now, but we were still fixing some things around it so it works perfectly.

It is also not just a small update. Here is a list of the most important things that come with this new version:

  • Added code sketches
  • Enabled serial monitor
  • Added CB auto updating
  • Added compile canceling
  • Added library and Arduino updating
  • Bumped minimal Arduino version to 1.8.12
  • Improved Mac Arduino installing
  • Changed compile progress bar style
  • Added LED RGB block
  • Adjusted some blocks text and descriptions
  • Fixed blocks with shadowed variables not defining those variables
  • Removed trash can and added zoom
  • Fixed startup loading screen sometimes staying

These are just some of the fixed and updates, but to get the full experience, be sure to download it from here. :arrow_down:

This is also the last time you’ll have to download the update, since it now does it automatically! :exclamation:

A whole new set of advanced tutorials is coming soon so stay tuned!

Enjoy it as much as you can and feel free to write if you have any suggestions. :slight_smile:


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