Nibble documentation / content

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Have you had any thoughts towards making the Nibble website documentation Open Source? I noticed a few cases in the CircuitBlocks for Nibble tutorials where it refers to the device as a “phone” rather than a console - these could be quickly fixed with community pull requests :slight_smile: and there are a few trivial other things that folks could help with.

The PDF schematic is useful, but I was wondering whether any of the ESP8266 pins have an easy breakout, or are they all used for the buttons, screen etc? I realise Nibble is not intended to be the same as a MAKERbuino / for a younger age target, so might not be as adaptable, but there are so many interesting possibilities here!

There’s not much apart from the code in GitHub at the moment, some of the Nibble repos have no READMEs… would be happy to help on wiki docs or other content (but I know the STEM Box is also a priority for you all!).

Also I just spotted that the final code for the Nibble CircuitBlocks tutorial is broken, since it includes HTML entities > and < that needs to be search/replaced if you copy it into the editor. I only checked the first part, but probably worth making sure the code sections are usable :slight_smile: