Nibble fine w/o casings, white screen w/casings

My son and I have been working on assembling the Nibble over the last two days. We’ve had the following experience three times:

  • After soldering all pins, we successfully test the unit with a new fuse and charged batteries (ours, not the ones included in the Nibble box). The unit functions properly at this point.
  • We attach the casings.
  • We turn on the unit again, and get a white screen.
  • We remove the casings, turn on the unit, and still get a white screen.
  • We remove batteries and fuse, examine and redo soldering of screen pins, and go back to first step above.

After our first redo of the soldered screen pins, we’ve been confident there is no bridging, and the successful first test of the unit after re-soldering the pins suggests this. It feels like something about screwing the casings on the unit exerts pressure somewhere on the unit to effect connections. However, in the last two rounds of removing the casings after a white screen, we cannot seem to find any of the soldered pins damaged.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi @monkey_16679 ,

thank you for reaching out, and for giving us detailed feedback. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you’re having problems with your Nibble.

Please send me the photos of the front and the back of your device without the casing so we can check where the issue is. You can send it to

Thank you for your support and have a nice day,

hope it gets better :grinning: