Nibble firmware - how to build it from source code?

Hi CircuitMess staff! First to say - I’m loving Nibble! My 10 year old daughter soldered and assembled it (with very little help), she started making her own “games” in CircuitBlocks and now she would like to upload it to Nibble together with existing games. I’ve seen that you plan to add this feature to CircuitBlocks and that is great.

Another way to do it would be to modify Nibble firmware. My daughter is too inexperienced for that - but I am a little bit more experienced dev :slight_smile: And I want to have fun with Nibble, too. So, do you plan to release the source code for Nibble firmware and instructions on how to build the firmware from the source code? I’ve seen you’ve done it for Ringo, it would be cool to do it for Nibble. I’ve seen on github that you’ve released the Nibble-Launcher source code. What else is needed to build the firmware: CircuitOS? Something else? Any help would be appreciated.


you can compile it to a .bin and put it on the sd card

?? there is no sd card slot on nibble (there was one on makerbuino)

then try compiling it to the nibble