Nibble problems

Hi everyone

I build this nibble thing and it worked but however i pluged it into my laptop while it was off then turned it on then it just shows white for a few milliseconds then a static screen and it truns black at first i thought it was the fuse but then it still didn’t work

Can someone help?

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Hi @Frosto

thank you for reaching out. :slight_smile: I’m sorry you’re having problems with your device.

Please send me the photos of the front and the back of your device without the casing so we can check where the issue is.

Also, please try to restore its firmware. You can connect the device with the PC using the USB cable you got in your kit (or any other appropriate USB cable). Open CircuitBlocks, and click on the Restore firmware button.

You’ll have to choose the device you want to restore the firmware on, so please, make sure you choose the correct one. The device should restart immediately.

Please, don’t forget to send the photos. It would be best if you could send them to

Have a nice day,