Nibble white screen problem

Hi! My son received and assembled the Nibble yesterday, and everything seemed to be working fine for most of the day. However, the screen now only displays at full white. It appears that everything else is still working; random button clicks still select the built-in games, and the sound indicates that the unit is otherwise functioning correctly. Help! Thanks in advance.

EDIT: We figured it out! Looks like there was some solder bridging two of the pins for the screen. We cleaned it up and now it appears to be functioning correctly.

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Hey there @ceemonkey thank you for posting on our forum.

I’m glad you figured everything out and that Nibble works now! :slight_smile:

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Dora from the CM

Hi, I had this same problem with the Jay-D. I resoldered several of the connection points for the LCD and it fixed the issue.

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