Nibble's draw from batteries

Hi! I was looking into a rechargeable battery upgrade for the nibble, I was wondering if anyone knows what the nibbles voltage is?


Hey there @popespacious Nibble batteries are 4V.

Dora from CM

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Hello [popespacious],
as you can find out here in the nibble schematics :
the power is made from the 4.5V from the batt to the 3.3V expected by the esp with a H7650-33PR regulator.
I think you can manage to do the same with a low dropout regulator like with the makerbuino
(schematics here :
you spoke about an upgrade, but it’s actually a downgrade since the previous version of the nibble (makerbuino) used rechargeable batteries…

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If it’s a problem that it’s draining batteries even when it’s connected to USB that can be solved with a simple hack :smiley:

I was a bit disappointed to learn that the batteries are still draining while I’m programming and that severely limits the amount of time I can spend testing my code without changing the batteries.

It was also making me anxious because I had a feeling that I was constantly racing against time.

So I made a simple hack and soldered a jumper wire so I can power Nibble from USB when the switch is in the OFF position so I don’t interfere with the battery.
I used a thin wire from a broken headphones so that I can easily sandwich it between breadboard and plexiglass.

Power is still delivered through voltage regulator so MCU still gets 3.3V as it’s supposed to.
Basically now instead of switching from ON to OFF you can use a switch to select from battery or USB power.

And it works wonders :smiley: Now I can program it freely without worrying about battery draining.

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This is awesome!
I was wondering you had any instructions or video on this mod?
I’ll have to give this one a go.

I filmed the whole process actually and I will include it in my Nibble review video that’s coming up soon. I’ll post it here once it’s up if you’re interested.

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Awesome! I would for sure be interested in it.

Here it is. It’s in croatian as my channel is in croatian but I added english subtitles.
USB mod starts around 2:07 mark.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Awesome, thanks! I’ll have to do this mod for mine.
Tetris looks like it’s coming along nicely.

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Hey there @sinkews this is so cool! Thank you for posting this on our forum. :sunglasses:

Dora from CM

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