Not happy. Please address

Hi there. I received my Jay-D and put it together and was incredibly excited to play around with it, but it doesn’t appear to actually be functional from my experience. I tried emailing [email protected] but just got a generic reply from “Dorotea” that you’d consider the feedback for future updates.

They also said that it’s not a professional product and is intended for Educational Purposes, but I don’t know how that’s possible given the list of issues below. Please either address these properly in an email reply or feel free to address these issues here.

  • To change one of the 2 tracks, you need to completely stop the music while it loads the tracks stored, then load the song. I expected this to at least let you keep the other track going during this process. Is it possible to change this with software or is it a hardware limitation?
  • Audio can only be 64kbps AAC files. That’s honestly really bad for music. Is there any capability for better audio quality?
  • No support using the circuit blocks app yet, or any actual coding documentation/tutorials. When can we expect this? (This was the only point addressed, saying it would be out “in the upcoming few days”. Any specific updates on this would be great if possible)
  • You can’t beat-match anything or “scratch” since it only goes back and forth in 1 second steps after a brief pause in playback. They’re knobs, but they’re stepped and there’s no way to smoothly move back and forth in a track. Is this expected, and can it be fixed with software? A reply on Facebook indicated that you could scratch, so I hope this wasn’t a straight-up lie.
  • You also can’t listen to a muted track in any way to line up the beats. Is there any capability for the headphone jacket to let you listen in to a track for beat matching purposes, or is there only a single audio output across the device?
  • All inputs, including the sliders, are delayed noticeably. Is this a software or hardware issue?
  • It also keeps skipping at certain points with the preloaded songs, which really isn’t good. Not sure if this is just my unit or not.
  • I can’t imagine anyone producing anything with this device as keeps on being advertised. Can you show a video or something of someone who developed or tested this having done so? At most, there’s a video on your YouTube channel showing someone fiddling with a few filters and crossfading once, but not actually doing anything even close to mixing music which is the primay advertised function of this product.

Again, if someone could actually address these issues, that’d be great. Thanks.

My subscription renewed today since I forgot about it after having all these issues, and I’d really like to cancel that if possible, especially after the unexpectedly bad functionality of the Jay-D. I also got a reply saying a refund wasn’t possible due to your policies, and then asking for information on why I didn’t like the “Spencer” which is not what I ordered.



Thank you for your message.

As stated in the email response, we will take your feedback into account when publishing future software updates.

We will respond to your refund request in a reply to your email.

Thank you for supporting our work

Hey of course this is not a professional mixer table, it is a ‘toy’ for kids (or parents ^^) to play with electronics, solder, components, software and music in this case.

Yes it is not fully functionnal mixer (i also expected the jack output to be a secondary audio outstream) but it is educative, it aims to learn basics of electronics and software and more important than that to give TASTE to it for next generation (and ok this won’t make you the best DJ of the place)
And in my sense, and experience, it does a great great job at this !

Hope you will still have some fun with !



I agree with everything the guy above said and also think he’s trippin. Both at the same time.
My explanation - while I agree this is a circuit board with some LED lights on it…it is NOT a mixing board , or ANYTHING THAT SHOULD HAVE THE WORD ‘DJ’ IN FRONT OF IT. It’s a child’s educational toy for learning about circuit boards, sadering, etc. And for that purpose, it’s great. But once you call it a pro DJ whatever … real DJs will … write stuff on message boards like this. Imagine making a wood carve-your-self pro golf club set and have a picture of Tiger Woods swinging a wood toothpick. So I agree with angry dude post above, it’s not DJ anything.


Chill out, its a toy. If you really bought this wanting to produce and throw down some real beats and mixes…um…there’s probably other things going on that should be addressed first.

Ok well that’s my thoughts, hope it triggered someone to get to angrily typing!

In the meantime if you’re bored take a listen to this, which was done on a pretty somewhat professional mix board, I guess…


The marketing and advertising insist that it’s something you can learn from, and use to mix music. I’d assume it’d let you at least mix 2 tracks together in some way, but from what I can tell it’s nowhere near even close to being competently designed enough to do this.

At most, it’s a 64kbps AAC player in a box that’s pretending to be more. I’m all for lowfi tech (see: Pocket Operators for example, which are great fun) but this is nuts.

I kept seeing Albert (and maybe others at CM?) asking people to post videos of them mixing music with the device. I can take an easy guess as to why there’s no such videos, not from users or from Circuitmess themselves. My bad for taking their word in good faith I guess.

I was hoping someone could at least try addressing some of the points I brought up. Replying with a blanket “We’ll take the feedback on board” is just weak. At this point, it tells me that it’s straight up false advertising.

Also lol at you hoping someone would get angry. Dunno why you’d want that shrug

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You sound pretty angry.

It’s a toy DJ box dude.

And mixing is relative. Some of the most legendary DJs would play records in full and not mix… l

Side note: are there any videos posted of people DJing on this thing? I wonna see.


I’m waiting on the source code and guides to be published before taking this project further. I agree with you davecee that this device is really just for messing about with, please don’t take it too seriously!

On a side note, Jay-D can handle playback of 128kbps AAC, but it does mess up the track timings. From memory, the device thinks the tracks are about 1/5 longer in time, but plays them at the correct speed (i.e. about 1/5 faster). Probably didn’t explain that too well, so try it - code two identical tracks, one at 64k and one at 128k, load each on the two channels and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback.

@ztau, your feedback was heard and I will do my best as the CEO of CircuitMess to take it into account when publishing future software updates for the device.

Unfortunately, building and improving products takes time, and I cannot address your points immediately with a software update that is going to be published tomorrow, but we will do our best to fit it into the schedule.

We are a small but very hardworking startup, and we’re doing everything we can to deliver the best products we can.
That said, we are limited with what we can do but are working tirelessly to deliver original and unique products that will teach electronics and programming in a fun and exciting way.

Everything we deliver is unique and designed and produced from scratch by us with lots of love and passion.

This is our first music device, but we’ve been getting a lot of very positive feedback, so we will keep new iterations and versions coming with all of your feedback taken into account.

Thank you

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Keep up the great work! And to everyone, it’s worth stepping back and remembering the reason why these projects exist.

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I just ordered and am looking forward to mess around with it. But keeping the music going while loading another track would be very essential for having any fun playing with it I think.

But keep up the great work indeed!