Oh no, my case cracked!

Hey all,
I’m the guy you sent the new joystick too!
Got it installed, works like a charm!

But, I got so excited, I had dropped my phone and the acrylic cracked on the case…Right were the screws go! OH NO!

Also, the sim card popped out and my dog chewed the sim card. Not my phone sim card but the other card! I can get a new sim card.

But, do you have a template for the phone case…Mostly the two front pieces…I would like to cut a new one on my cnc, maybe wood or something…
Please let me know if you have a template I could use!

Also, THANK YOU for the new joystick!
Works so good! Tell I got exctited!
(phone still works, just the case!)
Thanks so much!
-Greg aka Grease

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Hey there @Greasetattoo,

this felt like a rollercoaster just reading it! :joy:

I saw on your other post that you’ve found a template for the casings. Let us know once you finish the casings! :grinning:

Dora from CM