Once again disappointed

These are to be toys for my kids, but they are so unimpressed, spencer doesnt work well. My jayde had a bent pin on the connector for the screen, tried to straighten in and the pin broke off.

So now have a half assembled jayd and an extremly slow spencer. I will not renew my subscription or recommend circutmess to anyone. Anyone i know would be much happier with the adabox from adafruit. At least they give you a product that does what it is suppose to do.


Dear @Bo_Hammil thank you for your feedback. Have you already contacted us at [email protected]? Our customer support team would love to help you resolve all the issues.

Dora from the CM

Gee Bo, no offence but it seems you have nothing to offer other than whining on these forums about the flaws in these great kits.

If you think Adafruit is so great, fine, but saying that here without any real constructive feedback helps no one.

Personally my first experience has been great and I find the value for money extremely good considering the engineering and development put into them.


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