Order batmobile batteries

Hello, could someone tell me how to order batmobile batteries? Either from CM or a vendor.
Or the complete specs including dimensions?
I don’t have it in my possession right now to take apart and measure/read battery labels. I know the two mAh and that they’re 3.7v but want exact same dimensions and connector.
I have another kit but it’s missing the two batteries.

I’m thinking when we get them both running we could put different stickers on the cars and then use ball detect to find each other and chase down. Kind of a BattleBots thing. Think that’s plausible?

Is anyone sharing their circuit block python? That’d be fun. Has anyone got the firmware compiling in Arduino and added function? It’s been a while since I used git and I need tips to get the libraries pulled down and includes working.

This kit has been great fun for my 9yo grandson. He’s in awe of the simple stuff you can do in blocks. Great intro to programming in addition to electronics!


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Hey @eric_millham,

We can send you some new batteries.

I’ve sent you an email about that :slight_smile:


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