Order update please

Hello there, I ordered a Makerbuino on 16th June (on the makerbuino.com website). Shipping was expected late June/early July.

Early July arrived with no signs of life, so I wrote to contact@makerbuino.com 6 days ago asking what’s the status, got no reply.

I saw @AllGray request to PM him for details about shipping, but since apparently I’m too new to this forum, I can’t PM him.

I would just like to know what’s happening and what to expect, thank you.



Those who backed the project in April (and got the project funded) are only just receiving their kits now. I think they haven’t updated their website to reflect the delays (around 6 weeks).

Hopefully someone will get in touch with you shortly.

I’m a Kickstarter backer and still waiting for my multi Makerbuino kit… I’ve sent messages and PM’s, even sent a message through Kickstarter and still no reply.

Not even an email with tracker number? All kits was meant to be shipped by the 25th june.
I would be happy with a simple reply, even if it was to say we are still waiting for parts and there will be more of a delay.

It looks like they’re just ignoring us backers!..

Unfortunately the longer the silence, the worse it’s going to be.

Hi folks,

Just to chime in here: I was one of the early backers and only just received a week or two ago. I received my tracking information in an email about a week AFTER it had arrived - so just so you are aware you might very still receive it before you get an email. I guess they are just really busy catching up with the demand and the behind the scenes company formation.

I totally understand your frustrations, don’t get me wrong! But please try to remember you will can’t get a gold standard customer service from a team this early in their development, the demand was immense and they’re still acclimatising.

So yeah we Kickstarter backers are still waiting for our reward and I think they shouldn’t complete the shipments by the 25th June as they stated. I think there’s still a bit to wait…

Only frustration was that we was told all shipments complete by the 25th June, and so expected an email with tracker number around the same time.

Anyway I can now confirm I have a reply via Kickstarter from Albert with a tracker number.

The tracking information states that shipment was on the 11th July 2017
so looks like there was more of a delay.

Hello all you wonderful people.
I am deeply sorry for the silence, and i can see how this look to you.

We are not gone. We are all still here working to get you the devices you deserve.
There have been a few issues with the shipping system (which is why some of you are getting a tracking number AFTER you got the package) and we are working to fix this very soon.

Delays are never fun. Not for us, and not for you. We are working tirelessly to get everything packed and shipped, but we would not sleep good knowing that we send out a sub par product to you guys, so we are QA’ing everything that goes through the door. This takes time (with 1700 orders, you can only imagine) and then we input the tracking manually into the KS tracking system. This all takes time.

We are deeply sorry for the delays and the lack of communication. I will personally see to, that we do not get a gap like this again.