Out of Memory when linking?

Hi All,
I was trying to write a MineSweeper game.
Initially I wanted to port it from Gamebuino, then decide to start from scratch.

What I don’t quite understand is I have met this error during linking process in building:

address 0x40002bb8 of .pio/build/esp12e/firmware.elf section `.bss' is not within region `dram0_0_seg'

Is this because I have used too much memory? which doesn’t make any sense because:
I have not loaded any sprites (image) files
So far all the “graphics” are drawn using the built-in methods like sprites->drawLine or sprites->drawRect. And I have replaced usages like int to uint8_t which is believed to have less RAM footprint comparing to int.

What else should I do?
The repository is here: GitHub - dumbfingers/MineSweeper: MineSweeper port on Nibble
This should be the last working commit. If I add anymore functions, the above error will appear, stopping me from building.

Any tips and helps are much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @yaxi,

thank you for reaching out. We made some changes to your code. There shouldn’t be any issues with the memory now. You can find it here: Global sprite declaration fixup by MiLeG · Pull Request #1 · dumbfingers/MineSweeper · GitHub