Pacman in CircuitBlocks

As I mentioned in my WIP-thread, I’ve been working on and off on a Pacman clone in CircuitBlocks. The game is now finished!

Quick demo:

What’s your best score? I’m unfortunately pretty bad at the game myself… :joy:

As promised, here’s the CircuitBlocks project file! Hopefully it can help someone get started. Feel free to change/copy/steal/do whatever with it. Happy hacking and if you end up modding/building something new based on this - please share :slight_smile: (299.7 KB)

Some things to note:

  • CircuitBlocks is not super performant with project files this big… it works, but it’s quite slow
  • There’s currently no support for Arrays/Lists in CircuitBlocks which makes this project waaaay more complex than it should be :wink:

I know, I wish there were arrays in circuitblocks so that’s why I switched to c++ for my bad game. I don’t even know how you managed but you did a great job! :+1:

Well done and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

We’ll share this on our social media channels if you’re ok with that

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Sure thing :slight_smile:

can it be compiled in latest CircuitBlocks?
For me it just spins in
“Compiling sketch”
Indefinitely … :frowning:

Hi @tarzanek - yes it can be compiled in CircuitBlocks. It’s a pretty big project file though, so some times CircuitBlocks struggles to deal with it. I’ve noticed that if you click the “Open Code” button it will sometimes show an empty code window - when that happens CircuitBlocks will fail to compile the project for you. The workaround is to open another project file and try to compile that, then go back to pacman.

Thnx @oscar , this works
what I also noticed is that this runs only on one cpu (hence the slowness)

@albertgajsak are above bugs in your fork or upstream? Can they be reported? (where? can you do it?)

@tarzanek I suspect it’s related to this Error in JS console on project load

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Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll put it on our to-do list and fix it as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

-Dorotea from CircuitMess

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how do i add this to my nibble


You can download the zip Oscar provided in his original post and extract the contained XML file into the CIrcuitBlocks sketches directory (My Documents\CircuitBlocks). When you open CircuitBlocks, the sketch will be listed under Your sketches, where you can open it and run it on your Nibble.