Picture of your MAKERphone?

I’m done assembling my MAKERphone, and now I’m curious to see how everyone else’s turned out! Post a picture :slight_smile:

Here is mine:


Here mine, orange, so I selected orange as screen background. It was so fun assembling it, I jumped out of bed early to start soldering! Now I am looking to learn to code it. :grinning:


@blurpy, shiny!
@leon, snazzy!

Here’s my rig


That’s beautiful Albert :star_struck:


lol @albertgajsak … we need a picture of you taking a call with that one :crazy_face:

Here’s my shiny neon thingy:


That’s fantastic Albert. Can I get one like that?

@martin I’ll try making a call, but it may catch fire

@kfixman I don’t think you want to use this thing on a daily basis, it’s not quite… discrete to be called a mobile phone

I also found this baby in my old things:

Ahh, memories


Hello, @PostScriptum, thank you for sharing this with us!

Looks cool :slight_smile:

We would like to share it on Instagram, if you have IG account we would like to tag you.



OK :smiley:

What is ver. OS? is more ico functions over the hour… I want this OS :smiley:
My RINGOFON works in the GSM ORANGE network. OS ver. 1.0.5 has a bug because when I enter a phone number in contacts, the + symbol is automatically added and when I enter the phone number after the symbol, such a record does not work when you call. if after the + symbol I will enter the prefix 48 and then the telephone number, then I can call. However, such a record +48 123 456 789 when someone calls me, the name from the contact book is not displayed, only the number itself and I do not know who is calling even if I have such a contact in the phone.
So the solution in Poland will be to eliminate the automatic insertion of the “+” symbol when saving the number in contacts.
How can I delete the auto-save of the + symbol …?
My e-mail. [email protected]

Hey @PostScriptum

The SIM module itself reports back the number in the +XXX international format and we couldn’t go around that because the international format doesn’t have the same number of digits for every country (e.g. Croatia is +385 and Poland is +48).
One way to solve this is either to save the phone number in the Contacts app in the +XXX international format or edit the firmware and replace the first 2 or 3 digits (depending on your country code) with ‘0’

Hope this helps!
-Emil from CM