Possible to code new sound effects?

hey i was wondering if there was any way to code new sounds effects or are we just stuck with the preset ones its originally programmed with.

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Hi @Oscar_Valle,

thank you for your question! :slight_smile:

You can find out how to put your music to Jay-D here.

Also, if you need any help with coding it, here is our coding guide.

Monika from CircuitMess

my question is not about the songs, im not having trouble with that. im wondering if there is capability to code different sound effects other than the 5 that are pre programmed.

@Oscar_Valle Hi, thank you for supporting our work.

I am having trouble understanding your question. Which five sound effects are you referring to?

the robot voice, the echo, the equalizers, the ability to change the BPM.

Hey there!

To add new effects, you’ll need some knowledge about C++ and object oriented programming.

All sound effects are located in the Jay-D library, in the src/AudioLib directory. All effects extend the Effect base class, and implement the functions applyEffect which applies the effect you’re programming, and setIntensity, which sets the intensity of the effect (accepts values 0-255). You can take a look at other already programmed effects to get an idea on how to add an effect. You’ll also need to add an entry for your effect into the EffectType enum, just before the last (COUNT) element.

After you program the effect, you’ll also need to add it to the firmware. You’ll need to add icons and gifs for the effect into the EffectElement.cpp file. (You can reuse the icons which are already used for other effects).

I believe that’s all there is to adding new effects. You’ll possibly need to change a few bits of code in the MixScreen class related to effect changing, but if I recall correctly, we’ve programmed this to work out-of-the-box for any number of effects in the library.