Reddit Tech is uncivilized - Now where do we go?

I have subscribed to many different Reddit communities specifically for tech. I have found many good links and information on things I do. It is historically a very good source for troubleshooting.
However, I have found that Reddit is volatile. I have only made a few posts before, but when I do I always get bombarded by negative karma. I have never gotten up votes.
This isn’t a personal problem. I have made constructive concerns and taken logical approaches to serious issues. It doesn’t seem like many people use Reddit for actual help anymore. For example, I have recently brought up a lack of support for CHIP in recent times. Many people responded quite literal in my perception. I was verbally attacked by two users and received a total karma of -4 from the post.

(I noticed stacksoverflow is a ghost town.)

I am not issuing some bounty, but I am seriously concerned about technology being abused. Any ideas on a replacement for Reddit and Facebook groups?

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I see where you’re coming from - while Reddit is usually a very useful source for a ton of stuff, it is also quite toxic and not really friendly.

As you already know of Stack Overflow, which features some great topics, the only real one I can recommend is Arduino Forum, but it only features Arduino-based projects.

Also, you’ll probably find the best information and discussion on GitHub repositories under ‘Issues’. Topics are pretty straight forward and if you’re looking for something specific and have questions about libraries and projects, it is probably the best place to look.

I invite everyone to share their experiences and thoughts about other forums! :smiley:



now the best forum for tech news is Hacker News.
It have a good community and full interesting news. In addition is programmed in a lisp dialect, and lisp is the best programming language of all times. :slight_smile:

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