Replacement Case?

My daughter dropped her phone and broke the clear plastic outer case. I see I can purchase an " Extra casing power-up" but do these include the outside clear casing or just the inside colored plastic?


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Bonjour j’ai remplacer mon boitier en rachetant un kit complet a circuitMess au mois de janvier,vu le prix du kit avec les 4 plaques a 13 euro pour moi en france avec frai de port, c’est toujours mieux d’en avoir en reserve,même si j’ai utiliser que la vitre dela face avant … pour l’instant. :rofl:


They usually don’t, but we can send you a whole new set (transparent + colored plastic) or just transparent ones.

Unfortunately, you cannot order just the casing since ordering it over the webshop can only be done while buying a new phone, but no worries, we’ll handle it like this.
Please contact me in the DM so we can get your details and figure out everything else. :smiley:


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I sent paypal as instructed for two transparent cases on Feb 24th. Transaction 5UE04243L3575183F. Can I get confirmation that my order was received and a status on shipping please? Thank you

DM, please! :smiley:


Oops, thought I was in the DM! Sorry. This is all taken care of via actual DM