Resistors and the guide

I just wanted to tell you that the colour coding in the building tutorials doesn’t go very well with the resistors I got.

We are updating the buildguide at the moment.
Did you figure it out yourself, or do you need assistance with anything on there?

Yeeaah… we’re working on that.
You’re not the only one to tell me that, we’ve changed the resistor supplier without changing the colors in the build guide.
I shall fix that right now.

Hi, just try an online resitsor color code calculator like this one: I’ve had the same problem and with such a calculator it wasn’t a problem anymore :slight_smile: .

I tried to figure out the colours of the resistor and found 100, 4,7k and 10k resistors. But the 2k is actually a 2,2k in my package (red, red, red, gold). Is this a problem?

It is probably not a problem.

I just read the guide, it says 10k resistors are brown-black-red-gold. As far as I know this is 1k. 10k should be brown-black-orange-gold.

In my kits the 10k resistors are 5 rings resistors (blue background), therefore the rings are brown-black-black-red-brown. For those who wonder, they are higher precision resistors (so one more digit in the code, so one less power of ten, therefore red instead of orange).

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Hello all

I would like to hock into that discussion. I have trouble to figure out the correct value of my six resistors

Can anybody help me out? I like to be sure to solder the correct one
Many thanks


Certainly, from top to bottom:

I use the following website to calculate all of my resistors:
Just select how many bands there are then input the colours via the drop down boxes, a brown/red/gold/silver band will always be the last band which helps to orient most of them, consult the chart on the website for the other colours, with the ones that have brown on both ends I calculate the value twice going in either direction and choose the value that’s the closest to what I’m expecting.

E.g. The kit contains 10k resistors, however the brown/red/black/black/brown resistor could be either 10k or 120 ohms, It’s therefore probably a 10k resistor.

To confirm, the 2.2k resistors are the correct ones to use when the guide calls for 2k resistors

Many thanks fopr your help!
I have forget to take a picture from a another 10k resistor

Now I feel better :slight_smile: