Resoldering a capacitor?

Got the guy put together today but was DOA; I’m quite sure that I need to fix my solder joints, however when trying to reduce the amount of material on one of the caps, I made the mistake of clipping it with the wire cutter out of frustration from not getting the joint to melt. It went flying, and there’s no recovery.

I tried to take a piece of wire from what I cut from the caps originally, stuff it in the hole in the board and solder it that way… but that just won’t take. I burned what feels like half a solder wire just to get a drop of metal that refused to plop down to the hole.

If I need to order replacement caps, what should I be looking for? 1000uF 10v is what’s printed. Also, how do I tell if I burned the board?

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You have soldereded the capacitors to the wrong side.

Please contact us via [email protected] and include the photos and we’ll help you out and send you replacements if needed

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Oh wow… how… absolutely embarrassing. It’s even obvious when looking at page 53 of the manual… Well… at least its a mistake I won’t make again.


Mistakes happen :slight_smile:
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Contact us via [email protected] and we’ll help

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