Ringo 2G to 4G?


I recently just purchased a Ringo kit (aftermarket) kit and I’m wondering if you have a module to swap out the 2G module for a 4G module. I’ve been reading in the forum that at one time it was possible, but I’m not sure that is still the case.

Is there a 4G module I can buy for this kit? I don’t have any experience with cellular and I want to be able to use the modern capabilities of tisi device.

I found this link that sounds promising, but I would like a little advice before I purchase something I don’t need.


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Hey @tefoster,

thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, we do not have any 4G modules for Ringo available.


Thanks Monika,

I figured so, but I had to ask, Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to make this functional?


Tom, thank you for your support.

Unfortunately, this conversion is not possible.

The design of the main board is different between the two versions and the 4G module that the 4G version has been using is not being manufactured anymore.

I understand this isn’t the answer that you have been hoping for.

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