Ringo can't power off. It constantely try to restart

Hello, i come with a problem. When i finally assemble the phone, everything was ok until i try to power it off. It turn off, and restart immediatly, and power off, and…well it doesn’t stop.
I already try to reset it, update with no change.
When i did the soldering, i did had a problem with one of the pin. ( in center of the red circle.) When looking of the circuit, i saw this pin was link to the composant next, so i did this reparation.
Even if i remove this soldering, it does not change the restart thing.
Can you help me to find where i make the error?

Hey there,

Can you please take a couple more pictures of this whole thing? It’s a bit blurry and it’s hard for me to see anything. :slight_smile:

Thanks, we’ll get it fixed!

thank robert,

hope this one is better.

Yes, this one is much better.

I can see that you have a lot of soldering joints that should be fixed. Also, there is a lot of residual solder laying on your main board.

The board needs to be as clean as possible and pretty much every joint needs to be perfectly soldered! Electronic signals don’t need too much to go through and just a simple mistake can lead to things like these.

Please, re-solder every joint that doesn’t look like it should (look at the image) and clean the board a bit from solder that is on the “empty” parts.

That should fix your issue! :smiley:

Just make sure to disconnect the battery before fixing anything.


Okay, thanks you. I’m on it and will come back after.

Have a nice day

So, i must have done something very wrong.
I checked and did better soldering but no change. I find that the button at the left to the home one is not responding. Sometime the message for saying if the sd cart is removed/inserted is on while i don’t touch it (and sometime no message while i remove it).
Any idea? :sweat_smile:

Can you please take a couple of pictures sideways?

I’m wondering about this little thing that you improvised - it is 99% causing problems since one of the pins from the ESP is not connected to the board!

That needs to be fixed, but I just want to get a little bit clearer view to tell you exactly how to do it. :slight_smile:


I tried to connect with the element it seems to be when you look at the lines at the board. Should i remove it?
Thank you for your advice


Yes, you should definitely remove it!

Please, don’t do anything that isn’t specified in the build guide. Doing anything any other way will 99% cause a malfunction. :slight_smile:

Cheers, keep in touch!

So, i removed it. And it does not change the problem. It still restart when trying to power off and the message from sd cart are still displaying on screen.
When i did the connection it was because the round plate of this pin was damaged while i soldered it. The round plate removed itself with the iron soldering. ( it show in the picture)
What can i do to connect the pin correctly? :thinking:
Thank again :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, I just noticed that!

That is definitely not good - are you sure you’re trying to short that to the exact pin line you’re supposed to?

This is the classic problem of soldering and the error you’re getting means that the pin or two is not properly connected. I’m going to ask you again to redo the pins if there are any that look a bit sketchy, and if that doesn’t work, you’re going to send the phone back to us so we can fix/replace it and get it back to you. :smiley: