Ringo capacitor fell off

Ringo capacitor fell off main board. one of the pads is on capacitor, other is on board so not sure how to fix it?

Hi, there @mgdransfield,

Thanks for reaching out! I am sorry that this capacitor fell off, most probably during the delivery, which can sometimes be rough.
You should be able to solder this component to the board yourself. Take your time and try it out! Before you start soldering, you can check some soldering tutorials to make sure you’re on the right track. Also, try soldering a few other components first since this capacitor is a bit more delicate and could ask for more precision.
Please keep me posted about this! :slight_smile:

-Marija from CircuitMess

got it to work with a replacement capacitor although haven’t got the case to fit yet. see attached photo.

The phone works with external power but not just with battery. Have checked and all the keys are working and got up to checking joystick.

sorry this is the photo with the replacement capacitor

Hi @mgdransfield,

So sorry for the late reply.
We would really like to fix your Ringo free of charge if haven’t managed to solder your capacitor to the board.
Please send us a quick email to contact@circuitmess.com and I’ll send you all the details you may need for sending the phone to our office.

Best regards,