Ringo Coding in Circuitblocks

I have been having some issues with the Web version of circuitblocks.
One issue is when I install micropython, and attempt to run the file on the phone, it goes white, then grey.

Another issue is that the documentation is for the app version, and the web version doesn’t have export to bin. How would I do this?

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Hey there,

Please don’t use the version that needs to be downloaded, but only the online version that can be found here: https://code.circuitmess.com/

That’s the only fully working version of CircuitBlocks.

Thank you,

How would I export to bin on the online version?

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it is not possible to export the code to the computer. Only to save the sketch for the next time.

How would I download it to the Ringo for it to run as an app?

Hey @Chillinger,

after connecting Ringo to CircuitBlocks, installing Micropython onto it, and creating a sketch, you can click on the “Run” button located in the top right corner to upload it to your device.

If you still have some issues, please send us a bug report by clicking on the “bug report” icon, which is also located in the top right corner.