Ringo ESP32 debugging with ESP-Prog

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how would I go about debugging the Ringo firmware code with an ESP-Prog? I’d love to get step-by-step debugging, which would simultaneously help me peruse your solution.

Can this be done, and should the ESP-Prog just be hooked to the correct pins on the brain-board? Can the pins even be used, as they are soldered (and perhaps already in use).

I see in your code(Makerphone.cpp) that you have a lot of debug prints to the serial, but surely this isn’t the only way to proceed or the way you’ve worked in developing the OS…?


Ringo is one of our older devices, from way back before we upgraded our development process, so the code is a bit cluttered.

The JTAG interface on ESP32 uses GPIO pins 12, 13, 14, and 15 for debugging, some of which are already in use on the Ringo. If you’d like to use a JTAG debugger, you’d need to desolder those pins on the brain board, solder them onto your debugger, and also change the code so those pins aren’t used anywhere.

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Hi @filipCM,
thanks, I’ll do that!

Hi again!

I’ve received an Esp-prog and and considering desoldering the pins 12…15 from the brain board and modifying the firmware to disable them.

Looking at the provided schematics, it seems 12,13,14 and 15 would be used by Tft, led, clock and i2c-sda (keyboard, I guess).

Am I going at this correctly, and would you have some tips on locating the right references in the firmware code? I’ve only found references to these pins in gpio.h and fastpin_esp32.h, but not in the Ringo firmware itself. Can I safely skip modifying the firmware? Not worried about kernel panics, I just don’t want to fry the phone. :smiley:

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Hi @Jann_H,

Thank you for your comment.

I’ll forward this to @filipCM, and he’ll get back with a reply in a few days! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Monika_Tomljanovic & @filipCM , and insights into this?

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Hi Jann,

We didn’t use ESP-prog for debugging the firmware and cannot assist you with setting it up at this time.

If you manage to make progress on this, please tell us.

Thank you

Hi and thanks for your response. I understand. Could you tell me what the exact make and model of the brain board is, so I could get another copy to work on with the debugging? Is it some version of of the WeMos Lolin32 or totally custom?

Hi, it’s our custom board