Ringo Freezes upon loading any apps

The title really says it all. After a bit of general messing around (uploading some basic scripts thru the arduino IDE then restoring firmware) I cannot get the Ringo to load any extra apps on the SD card anymore.
To describe the issue in detail:
1: I power on the ringo and go to the app menu.
2: I open the app. The seriffed font says “LOADING”
3: The phone seems to reboot and gets stuck on the CircuitMess Ringo Loading… screen
4: even after a reset the phone stays stuck on this last screen, it does show the little scrolling down animation, but stays stuck after that.
Note that they did work upon initial power-up. Any help would be great.


Hi @foorjee,

thank you for reaching out! :slight_smile:

You should install Circuitblocks, and restore firmware on your Ringo.

Please let me know if that helped your Ringo.

Monika from CircuitMess

I probably should’ve added this but to get out of the freeze-state I have done that. However even after a reflash other apps still freeze, only the on-board ones work (so not snake etc but phone etc do work)

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I have found another issue too. Whenever I plug the ringo into my PC the screen freezes up, it still seems to respond fully otherwise (all inputs work). To get out of it I restart the ringo with the shutdown button.
I’ve checked all the pins for bridges and or dry solder joints etc but even after reflowing a few pins I have seen no difference.

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Hi @foorjee,

thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

Please send me the photos of the front and the back of your Ringo without the casing so we can check where the issue is.

Please send them to [email protected].com.