Ringo / MAKERphone Build tutorial improvement


Just a tiny improvement for the Ringo build tutorial…
https://www.circuitmess.com/ringo-build-guide-chapter-4/ step 14: For the newer versions with the already printed buttons it would be helpful to get a picture of the button layout there. Had to search in the 5th chapter first to see what it should look like and then return to chapter 4.


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Did the same. A photo or sketch would be enough. Also, for the people not accustomed to type with numeric keys, a sketch of an old phone keypad (letters underneath the numbers) would be handy in the part where is said to input the wifi-password. Actually, I am thinking of a drawing like the one Blixten did on Case dimensions. I know there is a tutorial how to type, but such a simple drawing would be useful here.

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Thanks guys for the inputs!

They all make sense so we’ll see to implement them somehow.

There is a helper in pretty much every text inputting app which you can access by pressing the right function button!


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