Ringo restart when try to adjust Date & time


When I go to the date & time menu the Ringo will restart.
Is this a failure?


Hi Robert,

Can you please send me a short video of this happening?
You can do it in my DM.


I discovered that this is a popular problem.
It may be a design flaw in the card reader. It may also be software related in reading the SD card.
I also had a similar problem on multiple occasions. If your menu loop(in your case the d&t menu) is giving you trouble, try reinserting the SD card and restart the phone.
The problem has been more common for me since I started appending the card. That means I take the card out more often and also restart Ringo with more data.

Two things to consider here:

  1. Make sure the phone is OFF when removing/inserting the SD card (OFF means the dim red LED on the back side of the main board if NOT lit).
  2. The SD card that came with my phone was a total disaster - it would corrupt itself within 24 hours of being formatted and having the files rewritten. Corrupted file names and total inability to read card in a Windows machine. Replaced with a new/cheap 8GB card and never a problem again.

I don’t know whether setting the date and time has anything to do with the SD card - it should only send data to the RTC chip (or the RTC on the SOC if that’s where it is.) I doubt there is anything on the SD card regarding the time/date.

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Sorry to hear that. I’ve never had to turn my Ringo off first.
You’re right… the date isn’t effected. The SD is still responsible for the layout. It’s like packing an empty frame or creating an empty variable and not using it. The firmware is still a phone, but no mp3 player lol