Ringo SD Media Folders - Music and Video?

What are the two folders music and video.
Are they place markers for future iterations of the SD flash?

I’d use them, but I don’t want to junk up my card without knowing first.

Just in case someone is looking for .WAV instructions. I found it.

no change sample rate 44100 mono
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In music you put you music - as simple as that! You can use the “Ringtones” for that one as well, it’s pretty much the same.

“Video” is also the same thing, just for the video files. The thing is, this feature has not yet been implemented so you can delete it freely, no problems are going to arise.


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J’itulise Audacity en logiciel pour convertir des sonnerie en WAV pour mon makerphone ,quand on m’apelle c’est la sonnerie du demarage du logiciel de playstation 1 :joie: , par contre un fichier pour le son des notification manque quand même je trouve,ce n’est qu’un detail.

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Wow, that’s cool! :smiley:

Notification sounds are actually not files - they are just a variation of beeping sounds made by the phone. You can’t assign a sound file to that function just like that, but making a few little changes in the code should make this thing possible. :slight_smile:

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That reminds me of the thermal printer project by adafruit. You have to convert a bitmap into a file type file that is read by the computer in bits. Then the Processing code assigns the bitmap or file and can play the hex over LCD or print it.
I wonder if it’s a similar procedure in Arduino.