Ringo stuck on "Sending text"

Hi community! I just bought a Ringo last month and it was working perfectly for the first couple of weeks, but then I noticed that it got stuck on the screen saying “Sending text” for an average of 5 hours immediately after sending an SMS. I did a test last night where I sent a text to my friend who said he got it right away, but when I looked at the phone, it still said it was sending the text. Does anyone else have the same problem, and if so, do you have any solutions? Thanks!

Hey there!

I have a hunch what might be an issue - the SD card is faulty. Since SMS messages are being stored there, it is possible that it’s not functioning well. A good old simple format will do the trick.

However, this way you’ll lose all your messages and contacts, so make sure to back them up first - open SD card on your computer and see which files hold what information.

You can download the deafult SD card package here - https://github.com/CircuitMess/CircuitMess-Ringo-SD-package.

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll try that.

It worked!!! Thank you!

One more thing I hope you can help me with: I just sent a text today in an area with no service and it messed it up again. I’m a little wary to reformat it again as it can damage the SD card to take it out and put it back in. Any input?


Hey Fin,

Glad to see it working!

It is possible that the SD card is corrupted, since they are very fragile.

If you can, I would advise to get a new card (no larger than 8gb, but even 512mb is more than enough) and everything should work well.

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That is exactly what we did. it’s working perfectly now!

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Glad to hear that!

Just write if there are any more questions. :smiley:


I have this issue. I don’t have a way to format the SD card though. I’ll try get another card and get back.

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Hi there,

To format your SD card, you have to simply insert your SD card into the adapter and insert the adapter into your computer and format the card once it appears in the folder.

Make sure to back up all your messages and contacts first in order not to lose them.

Here is the link to the default SD card package https://github.com/CircuitMess/CircuitMess-Ringo-SD-package.

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