Scratch To Nibble

Hi guys!
I’ve been working on a really good project on Scratch, that I’ve been working on for a while. I think it would be a really fun game on the nibble, so I was wondering if there was a way to port a .sb3 file to an Arduino file or circuit blocks directly.
Here’s a link to it (It’s not completed yet):
Would I have to change some of the input functions, like key z pressed to a or b?


You cannot directly import or convert scratch files to circuitblocks files.

The way I’d do it is by recreating the code block by block

OK. Though I have found a way to convert a .sb3 file into an HTML file, and then the HTML file to c/c++. Links:
Now that I have the c/c++ file, how do I make it usable with the nibble?
Here is the file: (3.4 MB)

You do scratch? I do too! But anyways I don’t think you can convert scratch projects to circuitblocks. Btw my scratch user is CubeLife99 :smiley:

Hey 8-bit_noob, mines Tizzlerbot76, as you would imagine, and I am working on a way to convert it. I’ll keep you posted. I did enjoy your list platformer, and now you have a first remix of it.

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i’m going to follow you :smile: