Screen wont turn on not even the backlight

Im not to sure whats going on however earlier today i did desolder the screen from the pcb and in the process ripped off the pad that goes to the vcc and the one to the left of it. The pads on the other side are fine though and i do get voltage readings when testing from the top of the screen on the little stubs sticking out. Not to sure whats wrong. Battery hasnt been charged in a while but it is giving voltage readings of 3.8 which the battery is rated for. This battery came in the kit. However when i turn it on the backlights do momentarly turn on then off. But they are very dim. Any pads to test for shorts? I can also confirm that the makerbuino does make sounds and function.

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Hi @Grant_McNamara,

could you please send us a few photos of all the soldering joints? Especially the ones you desoldered.

Thank you!

Im not home right now so i will later but i l know for a fact there isnt too much or to little. Ive been doing this for a couple years now.

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I understand, but seeing those would help us get a better picture of what the problem might be.

Thank you for your understanding,

If you could could you tell me the voltages that are supposed to be goin to the screen and which pins. Im goin to desolder the screen and test it with arduono to see if the screen is an issue but i need to also test the pcb to make sure thats not the issue.

Sorry for making so many replys it would only let me upload one per reply.

Hi Grant,

the resoldering process probably damaged some of the connections. You can try to resolder again, however, it might not fix the issue. Unfortunately, Makerbuino has been discontinued now for 4 years so we don’t have a new circuit board or components for it.

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Yes thats exactly what happened. Teseted the screen on another board and it works fine. There are no shorts or broken parts. I need to order new pcbs. For those in the future reading this you can get the pcb file provided below and you can order them from PCB Prototype & PCB Fabrication Manufacturer - JLCPCB for relatively cheap ($5 usd).

I was able to order most of the parts off of aliexpress for $25 usd. Some parts like the sd slot and the 6.3v 100nf capacitores i wasnt able to find. Most of the other parts i was able to find. Only downside for such cheap parts is they take forever to arrive. Im basically rebuilding the thing and cant wait for another fun project from the same item!

I can confirm it was the board. Ordered some nee pcbs, just recived them and now everything is working! Wohoo! Also ordered new parts for the other pcbs to make some more for family.

Hi @Grant_McNamara ,

thank you for letting us know. We are glad that you were able to solve the issue :slight_smile: