Sd card wont work

Hi I was figiting with my makerbuino but suddenly I realized I had lost my sd card so I tried using and uploading a new one but it didn’t work, what do I do.

Hey there,

Thanks for joining the forum! Can you explain this problem a bit further? How do you mean “lost” an SD card. What seems to be the problem and how is the console not working?

We’ll sort it out. :slight_smile:


I was fooling around trying to add more games and then it got lost, so how can I get a new one

Oh, okay!

Well I advise you to just go to the local store or order online a simple SD card (1GB is more than enough, 2GB is max what MAKERbuino supports). Then just copy these files after formatting the card -

It is much simpler and cheaper than us sending us the card due to shipping costs. Just make sure you get the SD card adapter with the card as well. :slight_smile:


uh the link won’t work, can you give me a new link…

Sorry 'bout that!

Here it is -


thanks, it now works, but do you know how to add more games?

Hello @kocool, to add a game to your MAKERbuino you just need to copy the desired game’s .HEX and .INF files to your SD card. I made a couple of games back in 2018 if you want to give it a try:

Skibuino - A skiing game
Video Poker - A 5 card poker game

The .HEX and .INF files are located in the bin folder of the GitHub links above. You can ignore the .ELF files, as those are used for emulators.

Hope this helps, good luck!