SD slot and makerbuino

hello I have a sd slot for arduino and I would like to connect to my makerbuino know how to do?

@Alessandro_ya, we’d appreciate some more detail on what you’re actually trying to ask/achieve here.

precisely I had problems with the slot makerbuino slots sd and I would like to replace it with another sd slot, but it is not compatible with the original one and I’m looking for a way to put things right

@Alessandro_ya, what problems were you having with the SD slot?
Did you ask for assistance via [email protected]?
We can send you a new SD card slot.

I am not sure what you’re expecting us to answer here as you still didn’t include photos or some detail other than “incompatibility” here…

during soldering of the sd slot by mistake the slot is denied and no longer works.


  1. you need to clean the contacts from the excess solder
  2. you need a new SD socket. We can send you one, please send us your address via private message or via email to [email protected]

hello thanks for sending me the piece but after having soldered it still does not read the sd card. what can I do?!

hey @Alessandro_ya

Please try and to this

  1. remove the SD card from the SD socket
  2. blow into the SD socket real hard to clean the dust and any unwanted particles
  3. insert the SD card into the SD socket
  4. repeat steps 1 - 3 a couple of times
  5. insert the SD card in the socket
  6. try doing a hard reset like this:
  • turn the console OFF
  • hold the C button
  • turn the console ON
  • release the C button
  • wait for 30 seconds

Keep us updated on your progress

thanks for the advice but the makerbuino still does not read the sd card.

@Alessandro_ya, I ran out of ideas and am afraid that I cannot help you any further remotely like this.

Please, pack your MAKERbuino unit and send it back to us:
Maksimilijana Vrhovca 11,
47000 Karlovac,

I will personally take a look at your device, fix it and return it to your address as soon as possible.

Send the package as a registered tracked letter, it shouldn’t cost you more than 9€.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, please PM me the tracking number once you ship or contact us directly via [email protected]

Could you post some close up pictures of the SD Slot solder joints?
And please remove the marked excessive solder you can see in the following picture :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bl4ckM4ch1n3, thanks for noticing it but after taking the picture I got worse than those soldering points, but they were just small weld residues

@Alessandro_ya you could check continuity between sd slot pins. If they are shorted somwhere you could trace it back. Also check if there is continuity between sdslot and Atmega itself. Maybe while soldering and desoldering some traces got damaged.

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thanks for the advice but I have already sent makerbuino to albertgajsak.

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can I get a new sd d card, because mine got lost.

I replied on the other thread, let’s talk there!