Serial port configuration?

My makerbuino worked well for about an hour. After turning off, turning it on only brings on the screen leds. No sound, nothing written on the screen. So, I wanted to check if the arduino is at least working enough to write anything on the serial port, but I seem to be out of luck. I can’t find a configuration that gives me anything via the usb/serial adapter. Can anyone tell me what is the default config of the serial port? 9600-N-1 or something else?

Have you tried to re-flash the LOADER.HEX from the microSD card? Hold the C button down, turn your MAKERbuino on, release C, and wait 30 seconds.

This helped me when my screen remained blank after turning on…

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Thank you, I found that out earlier today in the troubleshooting guide and that fixed it. I guess I need to have a copy of the SD card done soon, just to make sure… :slight_smile:

@bernardo, congrats on assembling your MAKERbuino!
@escamillo, thanks a lot for helping @bernardo out!

@bernardo, I’ll put all the files and everything else on the site soon, we’re working on some major site improvements.
I hope this won’t be your last time soldering and that this tiny kit unleased your inner maker :slight_smile:

We’re also working on a set of coding guides to help you get started with game creation!

@albertgajsak I’ve been soldering for a long time, nearly 40 years… :slight_smile: But for my kids these are their first steps, and it has been fun.