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I’m from the US. I have the maker Phone and I activated a sim card and service through Tracphone. The only problem I’m having is the service is x Triangle Loading is all I ever get. When I try to make a call, there is no sound dial tone, or ringing. I was wondering what service works best in US. I know it is only 2g Service, I have a 2g gsm sim, Activated, Service is paid, and the card is in it right. Nothing… Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hello, @Bumcook, please reach out to us via and we’ll help you resolve this issue. Thank you! :slight_smile:
Dora from CM


.jpeg), I have run the SIM debug and even connected it to the internet to see if it needed an update and it was up to date. Even with the service not working, my only real disappointment is, when I ordered, I didn’t see an option of 4g? I bought this one prebuilt, with a new case. Identified I lived in the US. My fault that I didn’t even think about 2g till the phone arrived. I am still in love with the idea. I will get my use out this phone one way or another.

@Bumcook hey, I am sorry for the problems that you’re having with your phone. Please, send us an email via as Dora said.

You cannot tag in a forum post, you need to open your email app and send us an email with the info. This way, we will be able to assist you in the best way possible.