Setup Nibble on VSCODE using Platform IO

Hello Circuitmess team,
I am trying to do some game development for the nibble using VSCODE and platform io extension.
I have been trying to setup the project by selecting the different types of ESP8266 board but the upload fails when I try to upload it on the Nibble.
I would really appreciate if you could share a detailed documentation explaining how to setup Nibble on VsCode.

Are you using the platform libs from this repo: ?

If so, the lib seems broken on Sprite.cpp that’s why you can’t build & deploy to nibble via VSCode.

Here’s an issue for it:

Hey there,

PlatformIO shows some optional warnings by default and treats them as errors, you can disable them by placing this line in the platformio.ini file:
build_flags = -w
Despite all the errors, the code is still perfectly functional.

This error didn’t come up when we were building the project, so we’ll make sure to add this into the platformio.ini file in our repository.

-Emil from CM