Simbuino4web emulator

Hi everybody,

I noticed that the website is down. I sent back my makerbuino because of a screen issue so I can’t code anymore. I tried other emulators but none of them work properly (Android or Windows).
Could somebody help ? Maybe someone made a backup of the website.

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thank you for reporting this and I apologize for the inconvenience. The emulator was not hosted on our domain and/or server and we’ll fix that ASAP by setting it up on our server.

In the meantime, you can try this one:

I personally use this one and it should work fine on Windows but you have to install NET framework for it to work properly (follow the instructions).

Thanks again!


I already tried to install Simbuino but it doesn’t work : the programm doesn’t start even if I installed NET framework :weary:.
It would be great if you host the emulator on your server. Please don’t hesitate to keep me up to date.

Thank you.

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Hi people, I made a patched version of the web emulator that you can even run on your own pc: there is a bug in the code:
Also added some other stuff for my own convenience…

Wow, this is neat!

Thanks for contributing and sharing the code!