Skibuino - A skiing game

Hey everyone, just wanted to share my first Gamebuino/MAKERbuino game, Skibuino!


@delpozzo, this is just amazing, well done! :slight_smile:

I think I’ll feature it on our social media channels

Thank you @albertgajsak, that would be awesome! :grinning:

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Slight balance update - v1.0.1 source and binaries have been posted. I increased MAPWIDTH from 128 to 192 which spreads the obstacles out a bit for better odds of avoiding them.

Wow, I finally checked this game out, and it’s really charming. I like how the skiier says a random line whenever he hits something, and the ability to make sharp turns and jump over logs really increases the options the player has to avoid obstacles.

At first I felt like sometimes random clusters of dense trees and logs were too hard to avoid, so too much of the game seemed to rely on luck, but after spending a little more time with it I think a skilled player should be able to last quite a bit longer than a less skilled player (like me!). My best record was 704 meters so far.

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@wuuff really glad you enjoyed it! With the random level generation it’s definitely a mixed bag of skill and luck. So far my best is 1744 meters :sweat_smile:

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