Software silent install

Does Circuitblocks have a silent install switch? Need to install on multiple workstations

Hi, unfortunately, the only way to install it is using the standard install procedure.

We will think of streamlining this for bulk installations in the future, thank you for your feedback.

Out of curiosity - are you using CircuitBlocks for teaching?

I’m IT support at a school, teacher has requested software to be installed on 20 workstations.

Thanks, tell me if you need anything else from our side :slight_smile:

That’s all for the moment, thanks for quick reply but if bulk installations is made available it would be handy for school/education environments such as my own

Ok, we’ll see if we can get it done in the future :+1:


Is there any update on this?

At present, there isn’t really a feasible way for IT staff to deploy this program to school-owned computers.

Even if I were to manually install it on each machine required via the ‘standard’ method, it looks to install within the local user profile of the person performing the installation, whilst ALSO requiring administrator rights to install some of the components. Combined, this makes for an unworkable combination.

I can see that this would be fine for personal / BYOD situations, where you can assume that the user account performing the installation is the same that will be using the program. But this is not the case with managed school-owned devices.

Ideally, for windows an .MSI would be perfect, and allow automated, silent deployment.


@wollondilly_it thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, this isn’t something CircuitBlocks supports at the moment.

It’s on our to-do list, but we do not have an ETA on when we’ll be able to implement it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding