Solder questions (Solder size)

I am using this project to learn solder(God help me).

What size of solder do you recommend? I am using 23 gauge 60/40.

Does this sound like a good choice?

Sounds fine assuming it’s a quality rosin core solder. I use 21 gauge 63/37 (eutectic) solder exclusively, both Ersin Multicore and Alpha Metals solder.

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We recommend using a rosin core 60/40 solder and it’s the one that we’re sending in the Tools Pack. Since there are many close joints, we don’t recommend using thicker solders, but feel free to explore the market and try some other as well. :slight_smile:


@wgroth2, any solder that is thinner than 1mm will be ok for this

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23 gauge (which wgroth2 uses) is 0.5733mm.
21 gauge (which I use) is 0.7229mm.
Either is dandy.
British wire gauge (SWG) differs slightly from American (AWG).