[Solved] I cannot write to my SD card?

Hey there,

I got my SD card hooked up to my computer via a card reader to my PC, and I can see the games’ HEX files on there.

Now, I made a new HEX to join this, but when I try to copy it, my PC tells me that the card is read only, and that it cannot write to the SD card.

Any idea how to solve this? I cannot upload it to my Makerbuino directly because my package was missing the 6 pin extension thingy, but I was hoping I wouldn’t need it as I could just paste to the SD directly. Only… not.

Never mind, it seems like the culprit was the SD adapter. Instead of being a solid… you know… thing, it seems to easily split in 2, and also the "lock"part on the adapter seems to be missing (I see the “lock” with the arrow, but it has no actual knob to unlock it.

I found another adapter in one of my drawers, and that one does allow me to copy :slight_smile:

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