Spencer: How to use intentresult->transcript in circuitblocks

Hi, I have been able to start programing and run the example as in the tutrorial you provided.
now I am trying to make spencer respond to my commands,
can you please show me how to use the transcript and intent to create new commands?

I tried to use the transcript and split the text to get the contents and use conditonals to call different functions but it always fails to compile

PS the error is very hard to read the way it is done, can you please make the compile errotr easier to read with in the sketch?


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@albertgajsak sorry to ping you here but maybe you could help

Hey there @rhanna, thank you for posting on our forum.

Please reach out to us at contact@circuitmess.com with more details of the problem you’re having and our customer support team will help you resolve the issue!

Thank you,

Dora from CM