Spencer is broken

It’s been 3 months I bought a spencer and it still don’t work outside of firmware.
The speech synthesizer and speech recognition don’t work.
It’s been one month that support team ask me to do tests and send them the results and no response, not even to confirm reception…
it’s really insulting, I took some time to look into the code and modify it to help spencer to work and I am ignored while an email to confirm receipt takes 5 minutes.
we could at least answer me to warn me that the support team is very busy and I would be ok.
So i ask for your for a minimum honesty is spencer a abandoned project ?

@Cyberduck I apologise for the lack of response.

Please send us an email to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] and we will help you immediately.

Hello @Cyberduck

I was responsible for your ticket and I wish to personally apologize for the lack of support you’ve received. I assure you, Spencer is not an abandoned project and something like this will not happen again.

I hope your experience didn’t taint CircuitMess’ image in your eyes too much, as I am the sole person responsible for the disappointing support. Please rest assured that I will commit 100% of my time helping you resolve the issues you have with coding speech recognition and synthesis along with any other problems which may arise.