Spencer Issue

I put Spencer together. I plugged it into my computer around 13 times. It turned on 3 of these times. When it worked, I heard noise and the screen lit up. The rest of the time nothing happened. I am wondering if this indicates soldering incorrectly or putting a part of this project in backwards. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey @mellie54,

sorry to hear you are having problems with Spencer.

Can you send us a few photos of the soldering joints to contact@circuitmess.com so we can assist you?


Hello, i’m Gold_Ninja2233,
i just built my spencer and connectedi to my computer, but circuitblocks didn’t detect it. Device manager detected it, but it appeared as it needed a controller or thet something was missing.
My computer has a Windows 10 22 H2 64bit software.
In need of help.

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sorry to hear this.

Can you please send us a few photos of the device (back and front, without the casings) to contact@circuitmess.com?

Thank you in advance,

Hi, @Monika_Tomljanovic ,
i’ll send it to monika@circuitmess.com, with the nibble images we talked about on #nibble problems.

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I didn’t get anything. Have you sent it?


I’m sorry to hear this, I had a similar issue but after re soldering 3 times, it started to work after using “Restore firmware” on https://code.circuitmess.com/restore-firmware/spencer hope this helps!

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Thank you for sharing with us!