Spencer Programming support

I want to program Spencer, and I am a bit confused about the different options:

  • CircuitBlocks
  • Visual Studio Code w/ PlatformIO
  • Arduino IDE

I have managed to get all three working, but I prefer the Arduino IDE. The issue is, in CircuitBlocks I have access to all the periferals of Spencer (display, button, speaker, mic), but I can’t code in there, I have to use the graphic interface. Which is fine for my children, but I want more.
Is there a way to make the libraries & documentation available for the Arduino IDE?

Hey @Peter_Mansvelder, thank you for reaching out to us on the forum!
You can manually install libraries with this guide.

Luka from CM

Hello Luka,

After some trial and error, I managed to get the libraries working, and I now use the Arduino IDE to program Spencer; what I am missing though, is the documentation of the libraries, to answer the following questions:

  • How can I turn the LED under the button on and off?
  • Is there a list and description of all the possible animations?
  • is there a list and description of all the possible MP3 sounds?
  • can I use my own animation instead of the included ones?
  • can I use my own MP3 sounds instead of the included ones?

So far, I have got along by opening the CircuitBlocks application, dragging the code blocks and looking at the code that is generated, but there has to be a better way…

Thanks for the help so far,