Spencer setup issues

I have seen a few topics close to my issue but not exact.

I assembled Spencer and it seemed to be put together correctly as it powered on and asked me to connect it to the internet.

I plugged it into my computer and downloaded circuit blocks. I was having some trouble with updates not working but I think the problem resolved (error messages stopped appearing)

I was able to add the heart image and also the feature where you press the button and the image changes along with a drum “buh dum tish” sound effect. Each of these took a very long time.

However, when I go to the Spencer settings section I am only able to click the cancel button and check the “I have read terms” box. All of the other Sections, such as temperature or password will not allow me to click or type in them.

When I try to restore firmware it only gives me an error message.

Lastly, in the build guide it keeps saying to tell Spencer to “enter configuration mode”. I didn’t know if there was a button to click or whether I was supposed to say this phrase (or a variation of) out loud and the device had voice recognition that would understand . None of the things I tried appeared to work.

Please let me what I should do to get Spencer up and running .

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Hey there,

thank you for reaching out.

Please send us a few photos of Spencer without the casing to contact@circuitmess.com so we can check it out.

Please try (running the sketch/restoring the firmware) again so the error occurs again, then go back to the home page in CircuitBlocks, scroll to the bottom, and in the footer you will find a “Send error report” button.

Clicking it will open a window showing all the information which will be sent, which includes the error that happened as well as some other info about your system that might help us resolve your problem.

When you click “Send report”, the report will be sent to tour servers, and you will get a report ID. Please get back to us with that ID and we’ll be able to assist further.