Spencer WiFi module MAC address


Is it possible somehow to find MAC address of Spencer?

I guess you could look at the client list on your access point.

Thanks for answer, but I need MAC address to connect it to our router.

I don’t have spencer but it seems like it uses ESP32.
By default it is very chatty on the serial port.
Have you tried connecting through serial and looking at the logs.
You can use Arduino as a serial monitor or ony other you are comfortable with.

I think one of those logs contain a MAC.

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Spencer is running on an ESP32, so you can get the MAC address with the WiFi.macAddress() function. Here’s a nice tutorial detailing the steps: https://techtutorialsx.com/2019/01/21/esp32-arduino-get-wifi-station-interface-mac-address/


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Thanks for answer !

I’m quite new in arduino business and just started to study it.
Very detailed and helpful tutorial!

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