SPI via I2C I/OExpander

I was exploring another way to use SRAM.
Using I2C Expander to use SPI via I2C.
It is somewhat inferior in speed but it can be used only with I2C so it may be useful depending on the purpose.


Thanks for your Hardware sharings :wink: Nice to see how to expand the Makerbuino. We have had the mapping of the pins with the joystick interface too but it’ could be fine to have the pins schemes in the Makerbuino tutorials and how to use it (like you write it on your site: with familiar instructions such as pinMode, digitalWrite, digitalRead…

I hope you’ll try alot of things :wink:

I don’t think it is not necessary to use such a hack, since the SPI pins are available on JP1.

That’s because I did not like cables coming out from the left and the top.
SPI is a bonus of I/O Expander. This uses only four lines.
If speed is required, call SPI from JP1 and control Chip Select with SCL or SDA pin or I/O expander.