Splash screen doesn't obey Screen Brightness setting

Even with the Display Brightness set to minimum, the splash screen [the one that’s displayed when a sketch calls mp.begin(1) where mp is an instance of class MAKERphone] cranks the LCD backlight all the way up until a split second before it disappears. If I’m trying to conserve battery but switching between apps frequently, this is not optimal. Is there a way to have the splash screen either honor the Screen Brightness setting, or at least come up at the minimum brightness?

I have perused the source code but it is not clear how the backlight brightness is controlled or where it is being set to maximum.

Greetings Frank,

Yes the splashscreen is done before all the settings stored on the SD card are loaded and applied.
You can find the splashscreen function on line 1184 in the MAKERphone.cpp file.

This was done in order to show the user that the device is currently booting up, so the settings are applied after it.

One way to fix this is to put the SD card initialization (lines 573-594) above the splashscreen call (line 285). Doing so will give you some hang time on a black screen before the splashscreen is displayed, though, but it will fix the splashscreen not obeying the global brightness setting.

Hope this helps!

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